VFU Admission Portal 2023/2024

All online admissions at the VFU take place through the Admission Portal 2023/2024. Therefore, this page will serve as a guide for all applicants seeking admission at the VFU.

Admission forms, student portal, school fees, admission lists, uploading of admission results, and other admission-related processes in the University are all done through the VFU Admission portal 2023/2024.

Consequently, you can use Admission Portal to get all relevant information about the VFU.

Admissions portal for the VFU 2023/2024

You can get to the VFU 2023/2024 by clicking on the link below.

VFU Admissions Portal: https://stagweb.vfu.cz/portal/studium/uchazec

The VFU’s official admissions portal is seen above.

You can access the VFU Admission Portal 2023/2024 by clicking on the link above.

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