Yasu College of Education Distance Learning Admission 2023/2024

The Yasu College of Education’s 2023–2024 Admission and Application Form for Distance Learning: You can obtain the Yasu College of Education 2023 Distance Learning Application Form online. Candidates may apply right away. You can find all the information you require on this page.

Applications for admission to the various undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the university are available to the general public and prospective students at Yasu College of Education.

How to Apply for Distance Learning Admission at Yasu College of Education

Through the school portal, interested candidates can submit an application for Yasu College of Education Distance Learning.

Apply using the YCE Distance Learning Application Form by following the instructions below:-

Application Process for Distance Education

Apply using the instructions listed below:

Enter ide.YCE.zm in your web browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) to access the Institute of Distance Education website.
University Freshmen: Find and select “Online application (Undergraduate)” under “Online Services” on your left-hand side.
Postgraduate Students: On the left-hand side, under “Online Services,” find and click “Online application (Postgraduate).”
Choose the term (2018, 2023, etc.) for which you want to apply.
Choose the program for which you want to apply (such as a bachelor’s in accounting and finance or a master’s in business administration, for example).
Fill out the form with the necessary information, such as your name, address, and educational history.

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